Video Orders

For more details about our video service, click here – Video Info . This should have the answers to most of your questions!

Please provide as much of the following info so I can get your videos created for you! If you ran more than one dog, you will need to fill this out a second time.

Pricing: $10 per video for 1-4 searches. $8 per video for 5-up! You'll receive an invoice when your videos are completed.

I'd like ALL available videos of my dog!

Please email me at Scott@Pix2Go.Com if you have any questions!

For sample video from other trials, click here – Pix2Go on Vimeo.Com

We’d also like to invite you to join the group “Videos of Dog Nose Sports – Scent Work, Nose Work, Detection”, on Facebook. It’s a great place to watch handlers and their dogs from across the world, as they compete and practice. There’s something to learn from every search, no matter what organization you trial with, competition or training, fast or slow, win or lose, “yes” or “no”. Just visit Videos of Dog Nose Sports on Facebook and click “Join Group”!